Bajaj Gas Geyser Review – Best Selling Model

Bajaj Gas Geyser Review – Best Selling Model in India

Taking a bath in cold water can be indeed quite tough, and at the same time, it gets worse as it can affect your health. So, you can make use of the appliances such as water heaters through which you can enjoy taking showers without having to worry about the cold winters. We very well understand how difficult it can be to survive in the harsh weather conditions and hence we are presenting Bajaj Gas geyser review in front of you so that you can rejuvenate yourself by taking a hot shower.

Bajaj gas geyser review- A complete guide 2021!

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 Ltr Vertical Water Heater ( LPG), White
  • Suitable for LPG Gas; Capacity : 6 Litres ; Electrical Inputs: Volts - 3VC DC ; Use of Dry Cells: 2 nos ; Maximum Hot Water Temperature: 85 degree Celcius (at thermostat operation) ; Gas Connection (internal piping): Alluminium Die-Casting. Summer/Winter Option: Provided for temperature flexibility
  • Free Installation is provided by the Brand. Offer only covers installation. Kindly contact 022-4128-0000 to book your installation and for further information. 2 Solenoid Valves used for enhanced safety
  • Outer Body Material : Powder Coated, Anti-corrosive Steel
  • Product Dimensions: 29.5 Cms X 13 Cms X 47 Cms
  • Warranty : 2 years on Product

Now, when you think about the gas geyser, then Bajaj is arguably one of the best brands that you would get in the market these days.

The installation process of Gas geyser might be a bit difficult but at the same time it quite energy efficient as well. The brand of Bajaj has made its reputation in the market, and it is known for the value and quality that the brand gives to its customers.

The following gas geyser is equipped with auto ignition, and it has a burner setting as well. This model comes up with child lock facility, and it has a lot of safety measures.

It also has a heat changer present in it that is made using copper. It has a capacity of six liters, and this is a crazy deal as it is available at a very affordable price.

A 2 year warranty period is also there on this product which certainly means that it is going to last for an extended period. It also has an oxygen depletion sensor and a lot more things to offer.

Product Details:

Top PropertiesBajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater
Product Imagebajaj gas geyser review
Over heat cut off Yes
Power SourceLPG
Majesty Duetto LPG
Item Weight5.2 kg
Warranty2 years
Best Buy

Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater

Bajaj Gas water heater

bajaj gas water heater

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What are the unique features of this product?

  • The structure of the following product from Bajaj is quite neat and straightforward which makes it look quite classy.
  • The geyser has advanced combustion technology present in it which ensures that you get high Besides this, it operates on LPG, and thus you can save a considerable amount of money when compared Vs. Electric Geyser.
  • The geyser comes up with dry heat protection alongside burner setting as well.
  • By the help of this product, you can heat the water quickly as it comes with the swift autoignition.

What are the pros of this product?

  • The customers would be getting two years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The Bajaj geyser comes with a child lock feature which can save the children from any mishap.
  • The geyser also has flame failure protection and thus it is entirely safe to

What are the cons of this product?

  • The mounting of the product can be quite confusing.

shower- best gas water heater in india

Why should you buy Bajaj Gas geyser online?

The water heaters that come from Bajaj are quite easy to use and at the same time very energy efficient. These heaters are equipped with strong heating elements which help to heat up the water in the shortest period.

Thus, you won’t have to wait for a long period for heating the water as compared to traditional water heaters.

There are a lot of water heaters available in the market but here is the deal that you should not miss out as they are quite portable in size as well as energy efficient.

The water heater for the residential purpose should be selected based on your family size. Furthermore, you can even select the water heaters with tankless or tank based upon the requirement that you might be having for your day-to-day activities.

Safety and quality guaranteed

Water heaters that are made from Bajaj are quite stylish, pleasing and elegant in design as well as durable. This water heaters follow all the safety standards and thus quality is assured in this water heater from Bajaj. The heating element, as well as tank, is also quite safe from any corrosion.

Offering you the best value for your money spent

These water heaters have an excellent visual appeal, and they are quite suitable for a small to the mid-size family.  These water heaters are quite durable, and they can last for a long period.

Hence, it offers you the best value for the money that you would spend as it comes with a greater return.

Now, Something Funny?

Check out this trending advertisement of Bajaj Water Heaters:


You might be wondering which gas geyser should you choose, but the fact is that the gas geyser from Bajaj is arguably one of the best.

I have personally used it as well, and I find it an excellent choice. So, don’t miss out on this superb gas geyser from Bajaj and get home this excellent product.

If you still have any questions regarding this product or any other product, please feel free to contact us or comment below now! I will be more than happy to answer your question.

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