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Best Gas Geyser in India – Top 5 Best Selling Models

Best Gas Geyser in India – A complete guide 2019!

Electricity cost has been increasing day by day, and hence it is essential to find an alternative for electric Geyser which can help you to save a lot of bucks. So, you have to discover the best gas geyser in India.

I can help you in your search for the best!

Well, the one that is most trending these days in India are the Gas Geysers. Gas geysers make use of the efficient technology for heating the water, and it is quite better than the electric water heaters.

Moreover, you would be able to save a lot of utility bill cost over a period.

Gas water heater makes use of the heat regarding the burning fuel for heating the water. This helps to get an efficient flow of hot water on a consistent basis.

Moreover, these geysers are an ideal option if you have a large family and at the same time, it has an excellent recovery rate as well.


They are easy to install as well as simple to use. If you looking for the significant savings then gas geyser is the way to go in India.

So, today in the following blog I would be covering the best gas geyser in India as well as the buying guide that is associated with it.


Comparison Table:

Top Properties to CompareBajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water HeaterV-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas GeyserRacold RC-LP5 5-Litre GeyserOrient Electric Vento 6-Litre Gas Water HeaterSurya Instant LPG Gas Geyser -10L
Product Imagesbajaj gas geyser reviewv guard gas geyser reviewracold gas geyser revieworient gas water heatersurya gas water heater
Over heat cut off YesYesYesYesYes
Majesty Duetto LPGSafefloplus Gas GeyserRC-LP5VentoS-10-LITRES
Item Weight5.2 kg5.95 kg5.88 kg4.8 kg8.5 kg
Warranty2 years2 years2 years2 years6 Months
Best Buy

List of Best Gas Geyser in India – Top 5

1. Bajaj Majesty Duetto LPG 6-Litre Water Heater

Bajaj Gas Geyser

Bajaj is known to be one of the renowned brands that are present in the market and over a period it has built an excellent reputation in the market by offering top-notch products.

The following water heater from Bajaj is equipped with auto ignition as well as burner setting which makes it best gas geyser in India.

It comes up with a lot of safety measures as well as the child lock facility.


It has a heat exchanger that is made using copper. The product comes up with a 6L capacity which is quite good for a small family.

Besides this, it also comes up with two years warranty period as well as an oxygen depletion sensor and hence it is definitely worth the price that you might be paying.

  • It comes up with two years of warranty
  • It is equipped with burner setting and auto ignition
  • You would be getting an excellent flow rate as well as fast heating from this.
  • It is made using quality material.
  • The child lock feature is also available in this geyser.
  • You would also be protected against flame failure mechanism.
  • The tank capacity of the geyser is not very much.
  • You would not be able to avail the installation services as the manufacturer doesn’t offer it.

bajaj gas water heater

Benefits and Features: 

  • It comes up with a neat design, and it is quite easy to use.
  • You would be provided with all the information to install as the following product comes with a user manual.
  • You would need to hire an expert plumber as it is operated using LPG.

It is quite an efficient product and perhaps gives you the best value for the money.

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2. V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser

v guard gas water heater

The above-mentioned geyser from V-guard which is second in my list of top 5 best gas geyser in India, comes up with a very competitive price that you would love to purchase.

Also, the geyser is equipped with many great features that you would love to have. It comes up with good quality Bunsen burners, and it has a power output of 60 W.

Besides this, the following product features automated ignition system, and it has a low-pressure application.

v guard gas water heater zoom


  • This model of V-guard brand comes up with two years warranty
  • It has a copper heat exchanger that helps to transmit the heat.
  • The product is made using good quality materials, and it is equipped with safety features.
  • It is quite easy to use.
  • It is available at a very competitive price.
  • You won’t be getting any installation assistance from the following brand.
  • It has a small tank capacity.

Benefits and Features:

  • The product is made using steel material, and it comes in adorable white color.
  • It comes with 6 liters of capacity, and it is quite ideal for a small family.
  • It comes up with warranty card, user manual, and the main It is one of the best gas geysers that you can buy in 2019.

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3. Racold RC-LP5 5-Litre Geyser

racold water gas geyser

The following geyser from Racold is one of the best gas geyser in India that you can buy online, and it can be used quite well for domestic purposes.

It comes with an auto timer feature which makes the geyser to switch off after 20 minutes. This helps you to save a lot of your electricity bill cost.

Want to know the best part?

It also has a thermal coil present in it which provides 85% of the heat efficiency as it collaborates alongside imported burners.

  • It is an ISI certified product.
  • If you take a long shower bath, then the following product is best suited for you.
  • This model of Racold brand comes up with two years warranty from the manufacturer.
  • It may make a little noise at the start.
  • The geyser doesn’t come with a child safety lock feature.

Benefits and Features:

  • It has a very starting pressure, and thus it is quite suitable for low water pressure.
  • Comes with five start energy efficiency which is bound to save you a lot of money.
  • Quite perfect for the domestic use as it comes with 5-Litre tank.
  • Affordable and one of the best gas geysers that you can purchase online.

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4. Orient Electric Vento 6-Litre Gas Water Heater with Display

orient gas water heater

The next in my list of top 5 best gas geyser in India is the above great model from Orient.

Orient Electric Water Heater is a perfect plug and play geyser that you can use. It is arguably one of the best water heaters that you can get in the market, and it is especially beneficial if you like taking long showers.

The best part of the water heater is that it generates an efficiency of about 84% during the water heating process. This is equipped with a copper heat exchanger as well anti-flame option that will help to protect from various heating issues. It also comes with an automatic timer which turns off after 20 minutes.

Also, Equipped with digital display units which show different temperature settings as well as the battery levels.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 6 liters which is quite ideal for small families with domestic needs. It comes with very affordable pricing, and it is backed with two years of warranty.

  • Comes with an auto-off timer of 20 minutes.
  • Generates an efficiency of 84%.
  • It comes up with a digital display which shows the low battery indication as well as the temperature.
  • The water tank capacity of the following geyser is 6-liters
  • It is equipped with three burners which deliver double ignition.
  • You may find a little difficulty while installing on the walls of your bathroom.

Benefits and Features:

  • It comes up with two years of warranty.
  • The product includes an instruction manual which helps quite a lot during the time of installation.
  • It gives you the complete value for money.

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5. Surya Instant LPG Gas Geyser -10L

surya gas water heater


The geyser from Surya is one of the best choices that you can make. It is made using Gen-4 technology, and it is known to be India’s first gas geyser having such a technology.

It has a built-in oxygen sensor, and it comes with an automatic timer of 20 minutes.

Moreover, it has a capacity of 10 L that is quite ideal for a medium-sized family. It also has a copper heat exchanger tank, and it comes with a free pipe as well as a telephone shower.

Besides this, the product also comes with a great warranty which defines the authenticity of the product.

  • Quite easy to set up as well as install.
  • It has copper coil present in it.
  • Made using elegant design.
  • Constructed using quality material.
  • The manufacturer does not provide the installation.

Benefits and Features:

  • Inbuilt oxygen sensor.
  • It comes with an automated timer of 20 minutes.
  • One of the best gas geyser in India that you can get at this price range.
  • It comes with a capacity of 10 liters.

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Buying guide- Best Gas Geyser in India

How do the Gas Geysers work?

Gas geysers, in general, are activated when the cold water runs across the unit. It starts to work when you switch on the tap, and it turns off again once the tap is closed. There would be no wastage of fuel at all, and you would get hot water only when you would need it.

The technology used in the gas geyser is quite simple. In the beginning, the water begins to move with the help of a pipeline which makes use of a separate heat exchanger having a water pipe present in it.

Further, the gas burner is also placed which gets ignited once the electric impulse develops by the use of inbuilt batteries.

Further, the flames heat the flippers which help in getting hot water. Finally, you can get hot water from the hot water outlet.

What are the benefits of using Gas Geysers?

  • You can easily control the heating rate of the water.
  • Heating is quite stable and thus supports the power protection.
  • It can be entirely appropriate for all family size.
  • It can be very easy and straightforward to use.
  • You won’t need electricity for using the gas geyser

Gas geysers can work on domestic LPG cylinders as well as pipeline natural gas (PNG).


hot water tub

Electric Geysers v/s Gas Geysers- What are the differences?

  • Electric water heater tends to be more expensive as compared to gas geysers.
  • In general, electric geysers take more time for the heating process as compared to that of gas geysers.
  • Electric water heaters are known to be safer as compared to gas geysers.
  • Installation of Electric geysers is straightforward while at the same time installing gas geysers can be a bit troublesome.
  • The lifespan of electric geysers is 5 -7 years while gas geysers can get damaged after 2-3 years.
  • Electric geysers require less space for mounting while gas geysers may need more space for mounting.

best gas geyser in india - tank less water heaters

What are the important factors that you need to consider while buying a Gas Geyser?

Buying the best gas geyser in India can be quite a hassle, and at times it can be quite frustrating as well. There are options available in the market, and it is essential that you select a gas geyser that is ideally suited for you as well as your family.

There are a variety of gas geysers available, and you can choose one based on the factors that have been mentioned below:-

Geyser Brands

The brand of the geyser is one of the essential factors that you should keep in mind. The market is filled up with brands with significant differences in the price as well.

Moreover, there can be a price difference as well between these geysers. You should always consider a good brand while you are buying a geyser as it always represents quality, trust as well as durability. Also, they can help you to save a lot of money as well.

Also, a gas geyser from a good brand can be quite durable and hence you won’t have to buy a brand new geyser every year.

Size of the Geyser

Size of the geyser is also one of the critical factors that you should keep in mind while you are buying a geyser. You can select the size of the geyser depending on the number of family members you have.

Size is quite essential as it can help you to save the money while you are using it as well as when you are buying it.

Purpose of Use

The geyser is used in a lot of places such as the bathroom, kitchen as well as offices. Choosing a correct size as well as the type of geyser can be quite helpful.

But nowadays, geysers are also being used in the kitchen for cooking as well as washing utensils. In the large commercial building, solar geysers are being used.

Life of a Geyser

Life, as well as the replacement of the geyser, is a significant factor that you should consider as it is not at all possible to buy a geyser every winter. The consumer buys the geyser such that they can use it for a long run.

Your gas geyser may face across some issues after a few years and thus buying a new geyser is not a cheap commodity at all. Hence, it is essential that you check the warranties as well as replacement of the geyser before you buy it.

Design and Appearance

It is quite essential that you buy a gas geyser having a good design as well as the appearance such that it can match with the interiors of your home.

Moreover, it can also help you to save a lot of space. Thus, whenever you buy a geyser next time then opt for the one that looks elegant.

ready for bath



Geysers are quite important these days in our day to day lives. So, above is the list of best gas geyser in India that you can buy.  All the above geysers have been selected based on the brand, size, prize, etc. You won’t regret at all if you go ahead with the list that has been mentioned above.

Also, do look out for the customer reviews as well before you purchase a product. So, if you have any queries, then you can write down below in the comment box or contact us, and I would surely assist you with the same.


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