21 Birthday decoration ideas for home & Birthday Table Decoration ideas

Top Ideas for Birthday Decoration at Home

Life is too short and hence everyone wants to celebrate the birthday in the best possible way.

But, you don’t have to worry, as we can very well help you out with birthday decoration at home. You can indeed surprise someone with some personalized and unique decorations in order to celebrate the birthday of your loved one.

So, if you are looking to celebrate a birthday party, then it is very important that you start off on the right foot.

So, here are the 21 Birthday decoration ideas for home & Birthday Table Decorations.  Let us have a look at them in the paragraphs to follow. 

Top 21 unique Ideas for Birthday Decoration at Home

1) LED Balloons Decoration

LED balloons birthday decoration

Balloons these days are being used in almost every occasion be it party or festival.

LED balloons are quite trending these days and they are indeed one of the best home decoration ideas for a birthday party.

The balloons have LED lights present in it which indeed makes it a very distinguishable and unique product for the occasion of a birthday.

Also, they are available are a wide range of colors and they can easily last for 8 to 12 hours. It is bound to give a different experience and add a dash of fun at your party.

You can buy the LED balloons from the amazon link that is mentioned below.

2) Party Prop

If you are looking for birthday decoration at home, then it is indeed one of the best ideas that you can get.

You can hand over the party prop to your guests and it will certainly enlighten the party mood.

Besides this, this can be used in the photo sessions and give your loved one a lifetime of memory to cherish.

Party props consist of the combination of funny glasses, hats, colorful ties, lips, and mustaches.

It is indeed a very good way through which you can bring your family and friends together and perhaps have a good laugh with them.

You can purchase it from the amazon link that has been mentioned below

3) Party Propz Swirls

With the assistance of Party Propz Swirls, you can bring huge fun to birthday parties, engagement parties as well as holiday parties.

They are available in multiple colors and they have a double swirl design. These are perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor use.

Party propz swirls are quite durable and hence they can easily last for different party occasions.

You can easily purchase it from the amazon link mentioned down below

4) Happy Birthday Banner and Paper Flowers

Happy birthday banner and paper flowers

This is perhaps the best all-in-one party solution that you can opt for as it can make your birthday party decoration look quite beautiful, attractive and quite different from others.

You can very well make your party stand out by using different kinds of unique decoration items such as star foil balloons, paper flowers, and happy birthday banner.

It is quite easy to use and at the same time it is quite durable as well and thus you can easily use it for different party occasions.

To purchase the product, you can follow the link down below

5) 10 Clip Indoor-Outdoor Decoration Light

If you are looking to create a tranquil atmosphere as well as give a distinctive appearance, then you can very well use this for your house and garden.

It is quite perfect for decorating the shrubs, trees, parasols, doorways, lawn and indoor items. It can also be used as a home decoration item. 

They are also quite safe to use and you can use them almost anywhere and the best part is that they don’t get hot.

Also, LED lights are being used which has the capacity to last for a long time.

To purchase the above-mentioned product, you can purchase from the amazon link that has been mentioned below

6) Tissue Paper Flower Balls Birthday Party Decoration

Tissue paper flower balls

Tissue paper flower balls can look quite amazing for any birthday party.

They are quite durable and hence they can be used over again and again. They are perfect for any occasion be it a birthday, christening, kitchen Tea or any other kind of celebration.

You can easily hang them under the verandah, above a table, from the ceiling or from the branches of the trees.

Besides this, you can use the following decoration item to create a great background for the birthday event.

It is great for a birthday party as it features an intricate pattern.

7) Red Rose Table Decoration Set

They are heart-shaped fabric Confetti and they are quite perfect for table decoration, gift wraps, birthday parties, weddings decoration etc.

They come in red rose color and they are available in 100 pieces. So, you can very well use this at a birthday party for a girl and it is quite evident that they would very well like it.

8) Smiley/Emoji Birthday Decoration

Smiley Emoji birthday decoration

If are looking for a unique birthday decoration idea, then the above is a perfect example. Smiley/ Emoji can be used as a part of a great party decoration.

The best part is that it is quite easy to use and you can easily hang them on the ceiling, wall, tree etc.

They are also available in multiple colors which look quite attractive. 

It is also perfect for Emoji based theme party and you can very well use the different happy birthday Emoji faces. 

9) Mickey Mine Centerpiece

Mickey Mine centerpiece

This decoration item is perfect for the birthday occasion and very unique still simple decoration for different events. This centerpiece is personalized according to the age of the child and thus a great decoration is created for any table.

It is very beautiful and attractive for any kind of birthday table decorations. It is also quite durable and hence it can last for a long span of time.

10) Colorful Happy Birthday Centerpiece

This colorful centerpiece is a very trendy and unique product that can be used for birthday table decoration. It comes up with a paperboard having a honeycomb tissue base.

These happy birthday centerpieces are  quite colorful and it indeed looks quite attractive. It is indeed a great way for table decoration for birthday cake.

11) Happy Birthday Foil Letter Balloon Decoration

Happy birthday foil letter balloon

It is another item for birthday decoration at home that you can use.

It is convenient to use and your kid is sure to enjoy the party with all these banners. At the same time, it is also quite affordable and it is sure to give you great value for money.

The product is also quite low maintenance and durable and hence it can last for a long span of time.

It is also quite easy to use and the air can be pumped into this quite quickly without any kind of hassle. This idea is quite perfect for the simple decoration of the birthday event.

12) Tassel Garlands Birthday Decoration

This item can be used for birthday decoration at home and it is indeed a very attractive product.

Tissues are being used to make this Tassel garlands and they are quite perfect for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, office decoration etc.

In general, 10 tassels are present per package and each is 13 inches long. Besides this, each Tassel consist of 4 thin tissue papers.

13) Latex Metallic HD Balloons Decoration

Latex metallic HD balloons

Balloons are perfect for all kinds of events such as birthday parties, reception, wedding parties, get together etc.

Latex metallic HD balloons look quite trendy and they come up with a premium quality metallic Finish.

Each of them is 9” inch balloons and they are quite perfect for small as well as large events decoration.

You can either blow them using helium, air balloon pump or your mouth.

14) Khatiya Platter Snacks Serving for Party

Khatiya Platter Snacks Serving for Party

This is an amazing product that has been designed specifically to serve snacks in different events such as birthday parties, wedding, office parties etc.

It is made using wood and the products are quite durable and look quite attractive.

You can use a silver foil before putting the snacks on the platter such that the oil strains are avoided. Also, you can clean it using a dry-wet sponge.

The Khatiya is perhaps a mini version using which you can create the unique and most interesting serving platter and it can be a great way through which you can start a conversation. So, this is  one of the creative idea for the birthday decoration at home.

15) Dog show Piece for Birthday Table Decorations

You can perhaps bring a sparkle of magic to your garden and home with this amazing dog showpiece.

This showpiece can add a lot of Glamour to your home. The statue is made using good quality polyresin. It is a beautiful decorative item that you can use for living area and drawing room. Also, quite perfect for the birthday table decorations.

These are very fun decorative pieces that can easily spice up any lawn, deck or kitchen.

It is handcrafted using the finest materials and it is quite suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

16) Happy Birthday Candle for a Birthday Theme

Happy birthday candle for a birthday theme

This product is suitable for a birthday theme for both boys and girls and it is unique in its own way.

It is suitable for all age group and it can add a sparkle to the birthday cake.

Add this to your bucket list and your loved one won’t be disappointed at all.

17) LED Curtain String Lights

If you are looking to add dazzle to a party, then these LED curtain string lights are indeed good for you. It comes up with 138 LEDs and it offers 8 Mode settings.

These LED curtain string lights are also quite easy to use and you can directly unplug and plug to turn it on and off also, quite eco-friendly, safe and power efficient.

It is good for both indoor and outdoor decorations such as birthday parties, holiday, restaurant, wedding etc.

18) Balloon Curling Ribbon Roll for Birthday Party Decoration

Balloon curling Ribbon Roll for birthday

This curling ribbon roll can add spark to any birthday party and it is quite suitable for wedding and birthday party decoration.

It comes in multi-color packs such as Silver, Gold, Blue, Red, Purple, and Green. Besides this, it is also equipped with a unique dispenser box that keeps the ribbon tidy, neat and tangles free.

It can also be used to decorate the tablescapes, wine glasses, and paper crafts.

19) Party Decoration Balls

Party decoration balls

You can simply decorate your birthday theme in the most stylish manner using these party decoration balls.

These balls are sure to light up any birthday environment and it is also quite easy to use and hang out. 

It is perfect for multiple uses such as birthday parties, weddings, Baby showers etc. A soft tissue material is used and it is available in multiple colors.

Besides this, they are also quite easy to assemble.

20) Table Skirt Cover for Birthday Parties

Table skirt cover for birthday parties

This table skirt cover is perfect for the Birthday Table Decorations and it is sure to grab a lot of eyeballs as it looks quite attractive. 

Besides this, it is made using eco-friendly material and it is durable and wear-resistant at the same time.

It features an elegant style and unique colors can add sparkle to your party.

This item also comes with a hook and it is quite easy to install. It can be used to decorate on the occasions of birthday parties, wedding, festival etc.

21) Glass T Light holder with a candle for the birthday

Glass T Light holder with a candle for the birthday

This is last on our list that you can use for birthday decoration at home.

This glass tea light holder comes with an antique design in which you can place colorful candles.

It is ideal for birthday decoration and many other events as well.


Final Verdict

Above is the list of 21 Birthday decoration ideas for home & Birthday Table Decoration.

All the products are unique in their own way and you can definitely try out any of these products.

If you have any queries or if you have any more birthday decoration ideas to add, then feel free to write down in the comment box below.

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