Bosch Dishwasher Reviews - Best Selling Model 2021

Cleaning the utensils is regarded as one of the toughest work primarily in the winter season.

It can lead to a lot of trouble, pain in hands, etc. So, you can make use of a Dishwasher which can help you out from such difficulty.

So, today we would be covering the Bosch dishwasher reviews. Now, let us have a look at the features and everything in the paragraph below:-

Bosch Dishwasher Reviews - An Ultimate Guide!

Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS60L18IN, Silver Inox) Review

Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I, Silver Inox)
  • 13 Place Setting: Suitable for families with up to 4 -5 members with Adjustable Cutlery box.
  • IndianKitchenKaDishwasher - This Bosch dishwasher is designed for Indian Kitchens as it can easily fit all type of utensils and clean them. No need to manually pre-rinse utensils before loading in dishwasher.
  • Intensive Kadhai Programme– Perfected for cleaning greasy Indian Utensils & Oily masala stains. Noise Level : 52dB
  • 6 Wash Programmes & 3 options. Express Sparkle Programme – Saves Time, Half Load option- For fewer utensils, Extra dry option – For better drying efficiency.
  • Save Water – Dishwasher uses 10litre of water. While manual washing uses minimum 60 litres of water, Save time - Get clean & dried utensils in just 59 minutes

Well, you can purchase a dishwasher from a trusted brand which is loaded with a lot of facilities and at the same time wash the utensils in an efficient way. One such good dishwasher is Bosch SMS60L18IN.

This dishwasher from Bosch is regarded as one of the best as it can potentially clean all kinds of strains from plates and utensils very quickly without leaving any dirt or trace.

The best part is that is quite easy to use as it is loaded with a wide range of features such as Auto Program, adjustable rinsing time, efficient use of water to name a few.

With the help of this dishwasher, you can save a lot of time as well as complete all kind of other work that you might be having. 

So, If you want to make your life easy, then it is always recommended that you make use of this dishwasher.

Bosch SMS60L18IN runs on 240 volts, and perhaps the dishwasher consumes very less water for cleaning the dishes.

It comes with 12 place settings, and it consumes about 9.5 liters of water. This model has six wash programs that come with a wide range of cleaning processes having different water temperatures for each type of strains.

This product also has a display panel which shows the time required to wash the dishes. You can even make use of the time delay feature in this dishwasher.

The best part is it comes with 2-year of manufacturer warranty as well as offers demo during installation and thus it is certainly going to last for an extended period.

Top 5 List of Best Bosch Dishwashers in India 2021

What are the pros and cons of this model?


  • It comes with six wash programs.
  • A manufacturer warranty of 2 years is offered on the product.
  • It has a plate setting for 12.
  • The inner tube is made using stainless steel, and thus it is going to last for an extended period.


  • The utility area width is not very good enough.

Top PropertiesBosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher
Product ImagesBosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher
Form FactorFront-Loading
Capacity12 Place Settings
Noise Level52 dB
Warranty2 years warranty on product and 10 years warranty against rusting of inside tub
Best Buy

What are the unique features of this product?

It is equipped with the time delay function, and thus you can make use of the Pre-select program for a particular start time. This potentially can help you to handle appliance conveniently at any given time round the clock. Once the program has been started, a display would indicate the time remaining

The following dishwasher is quite efficient, and all you would have to do is put all the dirty utensils inside it, and the auto-program feature of the dishwasher will take care of it.

Using the program, the water usage, rinse time and temperature can be easily adjusted such that you get an optimum wash.

You won’t have to wait for the dishwasher to be filled up entirely for starting up the wash cycle. In a scenario, when the load is not too much, then you can opt for the half load function and thus efficiently save electricity, water and most importantly the time.

It is quite durable and powerful, and thus it ensures low consumption of power as well as excellent cleaning efficiency. Apart from that, it comes with innovative magnet technology that comes without friction, and it ensures that you have a virtually wear-free operation.

You can experience clean wash without a lot of usage of water. In the complete process, no water is wasted as it automatically adjusts the usage of water. This ensures that the water utilization is done in the right way.


The dishwasher can be quite handy, and it can easily save you a lot of time and efforts that you spend cleaning the utensils.

Moreover, you can utilize all the time you saved in some other productive medium as well.

There are a lot of options available in the market regarding the dishwasher, but arguably Bosch SMS60L18IN is one of the best dishwashers that you can get.

It is loaded with excellent features, and it is available at a very competitive price in India.

I hope you liked the Bosch dishwasher reviews that is presented above.

Let us know if you have any query specific to this product or regarding the dishwasher in comments section below.

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