Top 10 Best Home Appliances Brands in India 2020

Best Home Appliances Brands in India 2020

When we have to buy any large appliances for our home, we always get confused.

Which brand is best?

Is it a reliable brand?

Why I can trust this brand product?

and so many questions in our mind…..

Most of the time we use to get advice from our (expert) friends and relatives. But since it is a very crucial decision, we have to suffer a lot in the future if our decision goes wrong.

So, here in this article, I have listed down the top 10 best home appliances brands in India.

1. Whirlpool

Whirlpool home appliances Brand

Whirlpool entered India in the late 1980s as part of its global expansion strategy. They started their business under a joint venture with TVS group and established the first Whirlpool manufacturing facility in Pondicherry.

Whirlpool of India Limited headquartered in Gurugram. They are now one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of major home appliances in India.

This company acquired Kelvinator India Limited and marked their presence into the refrigerator market as well. In 1996, Kelvinator and TVS acquisitions were merged to create, Whirlpool of India Limited.

Customer care number: 1800 208 1800 (Toll-free)


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2. Samsung

Samsung Brand

The second brand on our list is Samsung. With the success of their electronics business, They are recognized as global industry leaders in technology. Now, Samsung is ranked as a top 10 brand globally.

Above all, Samsung established its brand value in top home appliances categories like Refrigerator, cooking appliances, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Customer care number: 1800 40 7267864 (Toll-Free)


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3. Haier

company names - Haier

The Haier group was set up in 1984 in China. Haier was ranked as the 2nd largest Home Appliances brand in the world as per Euromonitor Statistics of 2003.

Haier Appliances India Pvt. Ltd is a 100 percent subsidiary of Haier Group, Headquartered in New Delhi. Also, Haier India has 33 operations in India as well as a manufacturing facility in Pune.

Customer care number: 1800-102-9999 (Toll-Free)


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4. LG

LG -home appliances manufacturers

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company. They unveiled many new products in the form of mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century.

The letters “L” and “G” in a circle of their logo symbolize the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology.

The brand LG established their presence in the Indian market in nearly all home appliances like Refrigerators, Washing machines, Dishwashers, Cooking appliances, Vacuum cleaners, Air conditioners etc.

Customer care number: 1800 315 9999 (Toll-Free)


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5. Godrej

Godrej Company

The Godrej Group is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai and among one of the best home appliances brands in India

Godrej Appliances began in 1958 when they made the first ever refrigerator in India. Today, Godrej Appliances has added future-ready air conditioners, washing machines and the latest cooking technologies among other products to their vast portfolio.

Also, Godrej is the first and only company in India to manufacture 100% CFC- HCFC- and HFC- free refrigerators.

Customer care number:  +91-22-6796 5656 / 5959


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6. IFB

IFB - Leading indian kitchenware

IFB brand has mastered the art of developing home solutions that fulfill our needs. The company focuses on solutions to get rid of our everyday hassles of washing clothes, cleaning dishes and cooking food.

The home appliances division of IFB industries Ltd. has manufactured the home appliances for over three decades. Also, they reputed for its forte in quality and technology in India.

Most noteworthy, India’s first front load washing machine was designed by this company.

Customer care number: 1860 4255 678


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7. Bosch

Bosch Brand

In India, Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services in the areas of Consumer Goods.

This company set up its manufacturing operation in 1951, which has grown over the years. Now it includes 18 manufacturing sites, and seven development and application centers in India.

Moreover, Bosch Home Appliances is dedicated to providing reliable, intelligent, and appealing solutions to make our life a bit easier every day.

Above all, Bosch is the leading manufactures of Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, kitchen appliances in India.

Customer care number: +91 80 6752 1111


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8. Voltas


Voltas Limited (a TATA enterprise) is a company in India specializing in cooling technology air conditioning.

Also, It is India’s largest air conditioning company and one of the world’s premier engineering solutions providers.

Founded in India in 1954, Voltas Limited offers engineering solutions for a wide spectrum of industries in areas such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration.

Above all, they are the market leaders in the manufacturing of room/split air conditioners, industrial air conditioning, refrigeration equipment, water coolers etc.

Customer care number: 1860 599 4555 (Toll-Free)


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9. Hitachi

Hitachi - indian kitchenware

When it comes to technology, Japanese companies are the best. Hitachi started its business in India in the 1930s.

Hitachi Home & Life Solutions (India) Ltd. (HHLI), a subsidiary of Hitachi Appliances, Japan. The company focus on the development and supply of high-quality products and technology.

Also, Hitachi manufactures a wide range of home appliances products including Room Air-conditioners, Chillers, and Refrigerators.

Customer care number: 1860-258-4848


10. Blue Star

blue star

The last (but not least) company in our list is Blue Star, India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.

This company fulfills the cooling requirements of a large number of corporate, as well as residential customers. Blue Star has manufacturing facilities at Himachal, Dadra, Wada, and Ahmedabad in India.

They also forayed into the residential water purifiers business. The company Offered a stylish range of India’s first RO+UV Hot & Cold water purifier.

Customer care number: 1800 209 1177


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Now, If you still have any questions regarding any of these home appliances brands in India, please feel free to contact us or comment below now!

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