Top Home Appliances List for New House in 2019

Home Appliances List -Top Gift Ideas in 2019

If you going to  shift in your new home or getting married or may be you are looking for gift ideas, you should check the below top home appliances list. 


Home Appliances List - A Complete Electrical Appliances Information!

1. Washing Machines

The very first electrical appliance you need for your new house is the washing Machine.  

Washing Machines have been used over a century and now become an important appliance for our home.

Depend on your need, you can get semi automatic as well as fully automatic washing machines online with an attractive offers and discounts as compared to the local market. 

2. Refrigerators

The second example of electrical appliances in our list of top home appliances list is the Refrigerator. 

Buying a refrigerator might be confusing since there are lot of models available in market. 

Moreover, there are a variety of refrigerators available. For Example, single door, double door, triple door, side by side etc. 

3. Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are now become an important part of our life. Selecting a best air conditioner is not an easy task since lot of brands and models are available in market and we have to select the best out of it. 

Also, there are lot of options like window AC, split AC , inverter AC available. So, it is a very critical decision to select the best.  

4. Televisions

Everyone wants to have an entertainment in their life. So, Television play an important role in our life. 

Now a days, smart TVs are most trending. If you have sufficient budget , you should go with smart TV.

5. Water Purifiers

Water is one of the most important elements which helps us to lead a healthy lifestyle. So, we should have a good water purifier for our home. 

Depending on our need and budget, we can go for Electric water purifier or non Electric water purifier in India. 

6. Vacuum Cleaners

Next important household gadgets in our top 10 home appliances list is Vacuum Cleaner. These efficient and useful products must be present in your house so that you can clean your home with much ease.


How can you forgot this small but very important household gadget.Everyday we need to wear clean and well pressed clothes. So, you must have one iron in your new house.

8.Air Coolers

If you are planning to shift in summers and don’t want to invest much in Air Conditioners, you have to think about this electrical appliance.  

9.Water Heaters

You must have this appliance in your house specially in winters. There are a lot of options that you can get in terms of an electric water heater or Gas geyser in the market. 

So, selecting an appropriate water heater would be based on your budget and the requirement.

10.Air Purifiers

The last but not the least in our home appliances list is the Air Purifier. As air pollution is increasing day by day especially in metro cities. So, how can we ignore this important home appliance.

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