13 Best home decor ideas India in 2020

Best Home Decor Ideas India 2020

If you are looking for Home decor ideas in India, then you have certainly come to the right place.

So, if you have just moved to a new house or if you want a quick home renovation, then there are a lot of home decor ideas for Indian homes that you can use. You can implement all these ideas with minimal cost and effort.

Also, even the smallest things can have a great impact on your home and it can very well redefine the look of your property.  

It can be anything such as an addition of a painting, mirror, plant or even a lamp.

So, here are the Top 10 Best home decor ideas for Indian Homes that you can implement in 2020.

Top 10 Best Home Decor Ideas List

1. Crafted or Designer Bottles

Designer Bottles for home decor

Designer bottles are a great way through which you can add beauty to your living space. 

You can decorate them using lace or twines in order to beautify them. Bottles are a great way and they can be used as vases, planters, simple centerpieces or decorative lighting holders.

Hence, they can be a great way of home decorating ideas in the budget.

2. Corner Wall Mount

A corner wall mount is one of the great interior design ideas and they come up in a very unique design.

They have sufficient rack spaces that can be used to keep showpieces or special antique items.

Corner wall mounts look good on any given wall color and it gives a very contemporary and smooth look. They are quite easy to assemble as well.

3. Indoor Plants

indoor plants for wall

Indoor plants are a great way through which you can rejuvenate yourself as well as your family. They come in a beautiful pot that makes it look quite stylish.

They are also used for humidity regulation as well as to purify a room. So, try out indoor plants as they can very well be used as a welcoming ambiance.

4. Wall Paintings

Wall painting is one of the best home decoration ideas in India that you can use. It signifies the character of an individual as well as dictates the taste that an individual might be having.

They can be used in the bedroom, living room, Hotel, Office, dining room, etc.  They can also be assembled and mounted quite easily.

5. Handcrafted Showpiece

Handcrafted showpiece

Handcrafted showpieces are elegant decorative and the products are designed in such a way that they can beautifully adorn any given home.  They are handcrafted and they feature a very unique design.

They look quite pleasing and they offer a perfect finish. These are the perfect small home decor items that can be used in any given home.

6) Light Curtain Decoration

Light curtain decoration

Curtains are an integral part of a home and they can make any given room look quite amazing.

They can be widely used for home decoration and they can be easily hung on windows, walls, floors, doors, ceiling, etc. They have LED lights present that can create a very cozy atmosphere.

7. LED Night Lamps

LED night lamp is one of the best home décor ideas in India and they are quite eye-catching. They can be used as a bedroom night light or a passage night light.  The LED night light is quite beautiful and they are quite convenient to use.

You can simply plug them on the wall and you can witness the mesmerizing beauty.

8. Wallpapers

wallpaper design

There is a wide range of wallpaper design available in the market which can enhance the beauty of any given room.

Anyone can easily put the wallpaper on the wall and they are quite easy to maintain as well. The best part is that they are quite affordable and hence you won’t have to break your bank.

9. Photo Frames

photo frames

Photo frames these days are quite trendy and they are used widely in the Indian style of decoration. They are available at a very competitive price and they are a great way to transform any given home.

You can use photo frames having pictures of your family and it would work as a center of attraction for your home.

10. Carpets


If you are looking to make your room stunning, then carpets are an ideal choice for you. Placing the carpet near your bed can be a perfect idea as it can create a very good atmosphere.

Moreover, make sure that the carpet that you purchase matches with the color of the curtains, wall paint, etc.

11. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes

You can bring to your home wonderful wind chimes which can be perfect for home decoration and positive energy.

You can place them in balcony, home entrance etc to bring happiness, good luck and peace. They are also known to remove negative energies as well as bring positive vibes to your place.

12. Decorative Pen Stand

The pen holder has been designed in a very unique way and it is perfect for Indian style of decoration. It is quite appealing and it comes in a very unique design.

13. Designer Clocks

Designer clocks

The pen holder has been designed in a very unique way and it is perfect for Indian style of decoration. It is quite appealing and it comes in a very unique design.


Home decoration is important these days and we should make sure that we have the right products under our belt.

So, above is the list of the top 10 best home decor ideas for Indian Homes that you should definitely have in your bucket list. If you have anything else to add, please free to write down in the comment box below.

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