Racold Electric Geyser Review – Best Selling Model in India

Racold Water Heater Review – Best Selling Model 2021!

If you are looking for Racold water heater review and want to know why it is best, then you have indeed arrived at the right place!

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Racold Water Heater Review – A Complete Guide!

Racold Eterno 2 Storage 15 Liter 2 KW Vertical Water Heater White & Metallic Blue- 5 Star
  • Free standard installation. Note: The standard installation does not include pipes/fittings/plumbing, etc. The company reserves the right to modify the installation terms and conditions at any time without prior notice
  • For free installation and if you have any concern related to the product, we are here to resolve it for you. Contact_us on : [1860-425-2288]
  • Smart bath logic- Your water heater has a special function which can save up to 30% electricity with intelligent functions that gives you an option to choose bucket bath, shower bath etc.
  • Warranty: 2 years on Product, 3 years on Heating Element and 7 years on Tank
  • SPHP: Eterno Pro has a special unique polymer protective coating technology for inner container which helps to resist corrosion caused by hard water. This in turn increase the longivity of your water heater

The Racold water heater can help you to begin your day in quite a refreshing way especially in the winters.

Racold has helped a lot of individuals to start their day with full of energy for over 50 years now. It has won many energy conservation awards from the past few years.

It can be a sturdy partner for you, and thus you can have a great morning. The water heater from Racold is very energy efficient, and hence there would be low energy consumption as it comes with a 5-star energy rating.

So, in the following article, we are going to cover up the complete review of Racold 15 L Geyser Eterno 2.

Let us have a look below :

Product details:

Top PropertiesRacold 15 L Geyser Eterno 2 Vertical ER-2-15
Product Imageracold water heater review
Over heat cut off Yes
Power Consumption2000 watts
Power SourceElectric
Tank Capacity15 Liters
Eterno 2 15V
Item Weight9.18 Kg
Warranty2 years on product, 4 years on heating element and 7 years on tank.
Best Buy

Racold 15 L Geyser Eterno 2 Vertical ER-2-15 (Ivory and Blue)

racold water heater review

The following vertical water heater from Racold has a unique color combination of blue and ivory color. Besides this, the capacity of the geyser is 15 liters of water which is quite ideal for small to the mid-size family.

It also has a temperature regulator present in it which helps in the regulation of the water temperature quite easily, and hence less energy is being consumed. It is quite elegant and easy to use.

Also, it operates at a voltage of 230 Volts, and it has a power consumption of 2000 watts.

Now, if you are looking for Racold water heater review, then here are the features of this product that are surely going to excite you.

What are the unique features of this Model?

Smart Guard

This model from Racold has a special anode used with the heating element. It uses an electrolytic process which helps the heating element from different types of corrosion and hence life is greatly enhanced.


It is enhanced with protective coating technology for the inner container, and thus it resists the corrosion that is obtained through the hard water. Also, it has a magnesium anode coating present in the heating element, and therefore it lasts for a very long time.

5-star saving

Are you looking for a vertical water heater that can give you energy efficiency? If yes, then your wait is over as this product comes with thick and high-density PUF, which helps in optimizing the energy consumption.

Temperature Regulator

You can easily regulate the water temperature through this product, and thus the energy consumption can be easily optimized.


It has super polymer coating present in it which ensures that there is no contamination at all and thus clean water supply is being provided over the years.


The eterno2 water heater is quite authentic, and it gives you a warranty of 2 years on the product while a warranty of 3 years on the heating elements while a warranty of 7 years on the inner tank.

Max 8

It gives high pressure, and it is quite suitable for the pressure pump and high rise buildings. It has a standing capacity of 8 bars.


The heating element has a special titanium coat present which gives longer life and better protection.

What are the pros of this water geyser?

  • It is quite easy to install, and it can work quite well without much of a problem.
  • The water can get heated quite easily in just 10 minutes, and it also has very good water retention.
  • It is Quite energy efficient, and hence you are going to save a lot in your electricity bill.
  • It will give you a great value for the money that you would spend.
  • Comes with a great warranty period, and hence you are bound to get a genuine product.

What are the cons of this water geyser?

The manufacturer doesn’t offer free installation on these products.

Now, want to know the best part?

Racold wins Most energy efficient appliance award by BEE. Check out this official video of Racold.


Racold is one of the reputed brands when it comes to water heating appliances. It is operational for more than 17 years, and it indeed defines authenticity.

This model of Racold brand uses new technology and thus enhances the buildup quality. It has established its mark in the industry, and it is undoubtedly growing quite actively.

Hence, it is recommended that you purchase this fantastic water geyser today.

If you still have any questions regarding Racold water heater review above or any question about other Racold brand geyser model, please feel free to contact us or comment below now!

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