V guard Gas Geyser Review – Best Selling Model in India

V guard Gas Geyser Review – Best Selling Model

The cost of electricity has been increasing day by day, and thus the value of gas geysers has increased seamlessly. Use of gas geyser is one of the efficient ways through which you can heat the water as compared to the traditional electric water heaters. Moreover, it can help to save a lot of utility bill as well. So, today in the following article we would be covering the V guard gas geyser review and everything related to it.

V guard Gas Geyser Review – An Ultimate Guide 2021! 

V-Guard 6 L Safeflo Plus Gas Geyser (White)
  • Over heat cut off: yes
  • Colour: White
  • Key Features : SS Burners, Copper heat exchanger, Overheat protection, Automated ignition system, Ultra Low pressure application
  • Size: 500 x 400 x 250 mm
  • Capacity: 6.0 Litres

The following gas geyser from the V guard brand is one of the lightweight and safest options for all the water heating needs that you might be having especially in the month of chilly winters.

It has a contemporary and modern look that is undoubtedly going to mesmerize you.

Also, it can boost the appearance of your bathroom as well as match with your interior decoration.

You get an option of automatic ignition with the following gas geyser. If you are looking for additional protection, then the subsequent gas geyser from V guard is an ideal choice for you as it comes with a double solenoid valve.

Product Details:

Top PropertiesV-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser
Product Imagev guard gas geyser review
Over heat cut off Yes
Power SourceLPG
Safefloplus Gas Geyser
Item Weight5.95 kg
Warranty2 years
Best Buy

V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser

v guard gas geyser review

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The water pressure for this gas geyser is 0.008-8 Kg per square cm, and thus they can be used quite efficiently in high-rise buildings, and they can function in a right way even in low blood pressure.

With this geyser, you can enjoy instant water heating as well as it will protect from overheating as well. It will also come up with 20 minutes auto cut off timer which can indeed be a great add-on.

Besides this, it also has the feature of pre-set thermal cut on which can indeed be quite a boost.

v guard gas water heater zoom

What are the major features and benefits of this Model?


The following gas geyser comes with a capacity of 6 liters. This V-guard geyser is quite indispensable, and it is ideal for both small as well as medium sized families.

Using this, you can heat the water instantly and perhaps in quite a high volume.

You can use the water for washing, bathing, cleaning the dishes as well as for other household activities. You would be sure of getting hot water throughout the day without any worry.

The rated water pressure

The rated water pressure of the following product is 0.008-8 kg per square cm. This ideally makes it quite useful for the high rise buildings as it can function in quite an efficient way even if it has very low pressure.

Also, it comes up with a PRV that gives the much-needed protection against the high water pressure.

Thermal cut-out

The V-guard 6 L Safefloplus Gas Geyser is equipped with the thermal cut-out feature which helps to safeguard the appliance for the entire family and at the same time ensures that the consumption of the energy is minimum.

As mentioned earlier in this V guard gas geyser review, It also has a feature of automated 20 minutes cut off timer.

Power consumption

The following geyser has a rated heat load of 12 KW, and if you are looking for effective functioning, then it would require two batteries of 1.5 KV each.

The power consumed in the following geyser is quite efficient, and you should buy it as it is available at a very affordable price.

Heat Retention

It has a very good heat retention feature through which you would be getting warm water once the heating process is finished.

It makes use of an SS burner through the heat copper exchanger. Also, it comes with varied burner choices that can be used for both summers as well as winters.

Hence, it is quite energy efficient as it works as per the current as well as output water temperature. By the use of this geyser, you can have access to instant heating as well as protection from overheating.

bath- water heater for bathroom

What are the unique features that make it quite different from all the other brand?

  • It comes up with on overheat protection.
  • This model has a very good heat retention feature.
  • It is equipped with an automated ignition system
  • This model of V Guard has a copper heat exchanger present in it.
  • It can work quite well in a low-pressure

What are the pros of the following product?

  • It is built using good quality materials.
  • It is quite energy efficient, and it uses very minimum power.
  • The safety feature of this product is quite excellent.
  • It gives you instant water heating.

What are the cons of the following product?

The geyser must be installed outside the restrooms or at a place where there is excellent ventilation.

Besides this, it is not recommended if you have closed apartment bathrooms.

What else?

Now, just check out this official V guard brand video:


This is an excellent product that must be present in every household. Also, you can save a lot of money as it quite energy efficient and it indeed lasts for a long period as it comes with two years of warranty.

So, I hope you liked the honest V guard gas geyser review. If you have any queries, then feel free to write down your query below or contact us.

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