Top 10 Best Room Wall Decoration Ideas for Indian Homes

Room Wall Decoration Ideas for Indian Homes

If you are looking to decorate the walls of your homes, then you have indeed come to the right place.

There are plenty of ways through which you can redefine the look of your property and all you need to do is take advantage of the walls.

The blank walls can be filled with a lot of possibilities and a few additions would definitely make your apartment look quite stylish and cozy.

There are a lot of tricks that you can use on the walls to bring out your taste and personality.  

Whether you are a nature enthusiast or an artist, your walls can indeed be customized according to your requirement which would indeed make your property look beautiful.

In addition, you can also try out using a bold and bright paint color such that you create an accent wall or you can use the pattern with stenciling, wallpaper, and many other decorative paint techniques.

So, let us waste no more time and perhaps look at the top 7 best room wall decoration ideas for the Indian Homes.

Top 10 Best Room Wall Decoration Ideas in 2019

1) Photo Frames

photo frames

Decorating the walls of your room with the photographs of your family is indeed a great way using which you can add a sense of warmth or comfort to your property.

It will develop an aura that is filled with security and love and thus giving a positive vibe to your property.

Photo frames these days make use of unbreakable Plexi glass and high-quality synthetic wood.

These pieces would certainly give a modish and vibrant touch to your walls and thus help your room to stand out.

2) Indoor Plants For Wall

indoor plants for wall

A recent trend has been going on these days such as the inclusion of indoor plants to the rooms.

Indoor plants would potentially help to purify the air as well as give a refreshing feel to the room.

In addition, it can help in humidity regulation and also prevent different kinds of insects to enter your property.

The indoor plants tend to be quite durable and they don’t tend to break easily.

They also tend to be quite lightweight and perhaps they are quite easy to maintain and clean.

3) Wall Shelves

wall shelves

One of the best room wall decoration ideas can certainly be the use of wall shelves in your room. They would indeed give a sense of personality to the room as well as reflect the interests in the form of books, plants that you can use in the wall storage.

Wall shelves comes in most unique and creative patterns that can indeed spruce up any room. It is also a perfect way to utilize your space.

4) Wall Mirrors

Wall Mirror is a very popular and cost-effective wall decoration idea that you can certainly use.

Mirrors are quite simple but they are yet very elegant. They have the ability to make the rooms look quite airy and bigger.

Additionally, they can also reflect the space and light and thus it can make your living room look quite brighter as well.

Besides this, they also come with some interesting frames which indeed look quite happy.

5) Use Framed Quotes

framed quotes

It is another popular and frequently used method that can certainly add a touch of life to the living space by the use of words.

Inspiration can come from a lot of different places, but if you look at the favorite quote on a regular basis, then it can indeed boost the energy levels.

You can make use of the quotes in the form of framed wallpapers, quotes, and paintings on the wall.

6) Unique Wall Textures

wall texture

Wall textures are indeed a great way to shape the aura of your room. You can indeed create different kinds of textures on the walls by picking any one side of the wall and then styling it in a different way.

There can be a lot of living room wall decoration ideas that you can potentially use for your space.

You can use the stone cladding, wood, textured wallpapers, bricks, and even the tapestry to add a magnificent look to the living space.

7) Blackboards

blackboards for wall

Blackboards tend to have a great charm associated with them.

They are quite simple and they indeed never run out of the style. You can certainly add them to your wall as it would indeed provide you with great customization possibilities.

On the Blackboard, you can very well write a quote of the schedule or perhaps jot down the schedule that you might be having.

There are indeed endless possibilities that you can do with the blackboards. Hence, there is a high probability that you would never get bored.

8) Wall Night Lamps

wall night lamps

Wall Night Lamps is also another great idea for large wall decor. This can fulfill your decor needs as well as you can use them for a dim light need at night in your bedroom. 

There are lot of amazing option of night lamps available in market. Even you can find lot of great options on amazon. 

9) Wall Key Holders

wall key holders and hooks

We always struggle in our life for finding the right thing at the right time. Most of us have the habit of not placing the things at designated place. 

To overcome from this problem, you can use wall hooks and key holders. This will also give a decent look to your blank wall. 

10) Wall Stickers

wall stickers

The last but not the least idea is to use wall stickers for small or large wall decor. These are most trending items these days for wall design. 

The best part is that it is made using PVC material which is non toxic and water proof in nature.

You can use it on large wall or small wall in your kitchen, study room, living room, pooja room etc. All type of wall stickers are available on amazon as per room type.


Hope you like this article about top 10 room wall decoration ideas for Indian homes. You can use any idea which you like to decor your wall as per your need and choice.  

Did you find this article helpful?

Or maybe you have a better idea than these. 

Either way, leave a comment below right now.

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