Wedding Gifts for Indian Bride – Unique Wedding Gift Ideas in India 2019

Wedding Gifts for Indian Bride - Top 17 Unique Gifting Ideas

Selecting the best wedding gifts for Indian bride is indeed quite a daunting task because of the fact that you might not know her a lot.

If in case, it is an arranged marriage then you would hardly know few basic details about her and her family.

But the thing is that it can be quite embarrassing to reach the wedding location without any kind of gifts.

You may start browsing on the internet for the gift items but it can seriously get quite confusing.

So, you don’t have to worry at all as you have arrived at a right place as we can very well help you out with the best wedding gifts.

Here you will find the idea for the best wedding gifts for Indian bride. So, let us waste no more time and perhaps look at the best gifting items.

List of Best Wedding Gifts for Indian Bride

1) Personalized Photo Album

Personalized Photo Album

You can perhaps gift a photo album that has bride’s image on the front cover while the image of the groom on the back covers.

If in a scenario, you are not aware of the couple well, then you can have their pictures together and then print it having their name present in the centre.

In addition, find a photo album that has space for having a date to be written at the bottom of the photo such that the couples can easily remember the important dates.

In future, when they look at the photo album, then they would very well remember the occasion and the person who presented the gift.

2) Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

Every girl loves to have a large collection of shoes and you can very well add to her kitty in the form of a gift.

All you need to do is to find out the shoe size of the bride. 

Further, you can gift her pair of sports shoes, heels for parties, beach slippers, and slippers for home.

You can perhaps gift any of these and anything that you feel is best for her.

3) Books

Most of the girls these days are inclined towards reading books and thus it is a unique wedding gift in India.

You can ask about the reading habit of the girl and then you can gift her books of her favorite author.

In addition, you can also write a sweet note inside. Moreover, she already might be having a lot of books so ask her out what she would like to add to her collection.

It is fine if the things are not kept discreet. She would probably understand that a wedding gift is coming and it’s good that you are gifting her something that she likes.

4) Aromatherapy Baskets

Aromatherapy Baskets

This is one of the best wedding gifts for Indian bride that you can probably give and she would definitely enjoy it for a long period of time.

You can think of some bath salts, scented candles and the lavender perfume for the linen.

This gift will certainly please her a lot and you would indeed turn out to be the favorite person.

5) Artwork


This is another marriage gifts for couple that you can probably consider.

This can indeed be a very good idea if the couple is setting up the home and perhaps need some kind of artwork.

You should make sure that you are aware of the taste of the couple before you actually purchase any gift.

Artwork can very well redefine the look of the property and hence it can be an excellent gift.

6) Sports Wear

Sports Wear women

You could gift the bride sports vests, sports tracks and sports shoes to remind that they would need to take care of her rather than anything else.

Moreover, a lot of people may have the opinion that this kind of gift is rude because it would ideally suggest that the person should lose weight.

But, the modern person very well understands the importance of exercise as it can help the person to be in good shape.

7) Perfume


Gifting a wedding bride a perfume can be considered a very good choice.

A perfume as a gift can express the gratitude as well as the acknowledgement of the personality of someone.

Thus, it can be considered as a thoughtful and personalized gift.

But at times perfumes can be a bit tricky as well especially if you are not aware about the scent that a person likes.

So, consider gifting the bride perfume only if you personally know them and also find out the perfume that is on her wish list.

8) Bar accessories

One of the best Indian wedding gift ideas can be giving someone bar accessories such as wine cooler, champagne holder, tong set, ice buckets or perhaps a set of glasses for champagne, wine, whiskey and many other alcoholic drinks.

In addition, you can also gift a personalized bottle opener with the name of the bride or the couple written on it.

You can also add on a bottle of good champagne or wine for the couple to unwind after a tiring day.

9) Cooking Guide

Cooking Guide

Cooking guides are the book that would assist the bride in making delicious food for her husband and family.

It will also help her to run the kitchen in easier and hassle free manner. If in case she already knows how to cook, then gift her some cook books that have exquisite recipes included in it such that she can explore the new territory.

If the bride is cooking for the very first time then hand her some basic cookbooks having some easy recipe written on it.

In addition, you can also add a personal touch as well as a greeting message.

10) Home Appliances

list of kitchen appliances for new house

These days home appliances are an integral part of a household and gifting it to a bride can be a very good option and she would probably be quite thankful for the gift.

The option for home appliances gifting can be many such as Home theatre, television or be it kitchen appliances such as food processor or a refrigerator.

The induction cookers, Microwave ovens as well as mixer grinders can be a very good and relatively cheaper option that you can opt for.

11) Kitchen Utensils

If a girl is setting up a new home, then kitchen utensils can be great wedding gifts for bride as these utensils can be quite handy for her.

Some of the essential gifting items that you can consider are non-stick cooking ranges, casseroles , dinnerware and cutlery sets to name a few.

Gifting all these is an ideal way to help her out in setting up her own kitchen.

12) Decorative Items

Decorative Items

Decorative items are the smallest things that can make the home look quite beautiful.

So, make sure that you gift pretty and nice decorative items that have murals, lampshades, wall hangings, paintings, vases, statues, clocks etc.

In addition, the Handicraft items can also be a good option such as carpets and rugs. 

Besides this, utensils for worshipping, silver diyas, metallic statues of god can be considered a great gift to symbolize the blessing towards the girl.

13) Dresses


A wedding season comprises of having endless number of functions, ceremonies as well as invitations. For this very purpose, gifting a salwar-kameez, lehenga or a saree can be considered a very good option.

Western dresses can also a great option if the couples are planning for an international honeymoon.

14) Makeup Accessories

Makeup Accessories

A woman’s perspective portrays that no outfit is complete without the makeup accessories. So, you can consider a lot of makeup accessories gifting ideas such as branded bags, makeup kits, clutches, shades, belts and shoes.

You just need to be sure about the mindset of the bride before you actually purchase a gift for her.

15) Chocolates


Most of the girls love chocolates and gifting the bride a big basket of chocolates can be considered as a very good idea. So, don’t hold back and perhaps purchase the most enticing collection of chocolates and perhaps become the most thanked guest in the house.

You can also experiment a bit with the flavors and then bring out something that is quite creative.

16) Instant Camera

instant camera wedding gift

If the bride loves taking photographs, then an Instant camera can be an ideal gift for her which she can easily carry along with her on the eve of honeymoon. 

With this special wedding gift, she can take the special photographs which she can very well save in a camera.

17) Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug is another gift through which you can express your love towards the bride.

You can print the photo of the couple who are getting married on the coffee mug and they would definitely fell in love with the gift.

Make sure that you use a good quality gift wrap such that the gift looks attractive.


Above is the list of some of the best wedding gifts for Indian Bride.

These are some of the safe options for wedding gifts as everyone would appreciate these gifts.

These are the things that everyone would like to have up their sleeves. So, it is recommended that you be smart with the choice that you would ideally make.

Consider picking a gift that you think the bride would like.

Also, if you have any other suggestion for wedding gifts for Indian Bride, then do let us know in the comment box below right now.

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